Web Forms 2.0 Test Suite

The following test suite is compiled in order to give examples of what the Web Forms 2.0 specification is designed to do. Its purpose is also to test the implementations as found in Opera and also the cross-browser Web Forms 2.0 implementation.

  1. Spec Example: Sample Order Form
  2. Spec Example: Repeated rows: Dynamically adding table rows
  3. Spec Example: Solar system: Nesting repetition elements two levels deep
  4. Movement Buttons and Canceling Default Action
  5. Repetition Index in Attributes: Replacing template name block's current repetition index in all attributes
  6. Repetition Events: Demonstrating the handling of added, removed, and moved events
  7. Repetition Event Handler Attributes: Demonstrating the use of the onadd, onremove, and onmove attribute handler extensions
  8. Initialization Time: Verifies whether or not the repetition template is initialized before onload.
  9. Repetition Buttons: Demonstrates repetition buttons created with BUTTON and INPUT elements.
  10. Orphan Repetition Blocks
  11. Disabled Form Fields in Template
  12. repeat-min, repeat-max, and repeat-start attributes
  13. Repeated Photo Albums: Demonstrates repetition model-driven content in nested repetition templates.
  14. Exceptions in Repetition Events
  15. Required Elements in Repeated Blocks
  16. Autofocus on unfocusable form control
  17. Form validation
  18. Input Controls in Nested Repetition Blocks
  19. Prefilling form data
  20. Creating Repetition Templates Dynamically
  21. "required" attribute on checkboxes and radio buttons

Test suite powered by cross-browser Web Forms 2.0 implementation
Version: 0.5.2 (2007-11-29) changelog
Weston Ruter